RE: Hinche Haiti - 6 People Injured in Anti-MINUSTAH Protest

Bernadette - November 16 2010, 8:30 PM

I am very sorry about the death of these protesters.

They have the right to protest in a situation as it exists in Haiti present.

I know that it is somewhat more painful to you Woodring as Hinche is your home town.
Take heart, $164 millions in aid is anticipated from international donors to help with the cholera situation.

Let's hope that Hinche is penciled in to receive a proportional size of this money.

U.N. anticipated 200,000 people the be sickened with cholera over the next 6 to 12 months.

I believe certain measures should be taken as to not fire over civilians unless it is ABSOLUTELY necessary...

It seems like the MINUSTAH gangs are too trigger happy.

MINUSTAH need a vigilant group to look over them and be accounted to
Punitive steps should be taken when lives are taken.

Haiti should not be in a personal war with MINUSTAH.


Hinche Haiti - 6 People Injured in Anti-MINUSTAH Protest

It has just been reported that 6 Haitian protestors are injured in a protest in Hinche Haiti. Protestors took to the...

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