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Funny Obama Haiti Video

Watch a funny video of a Young Haitian-American girl who is making a video for Obama, that's when her aunt from Haiti... more »

More Haiti Deportations Under OBAMA

Obama is now president and more Haitians are getting deported. it may be worse than before. Read more here... more »


YOu should bring that up in the Haiti Politics blog, you will get plenty of replied there. visit: more »

New Haiti music video by goup Folly

watch a new video, just in, by a Haitin group Folly, the music is called "My Angel" Watch the video now more »

Haiti Kanaval Update

Haiti Kanaval 2009 is around the corner and the Kanaval songs and videos are making their way to Here... more »

New Haiti Kanaval Videos

New Kanaval videos have been posted on BelKanaval Watch then now more »

Haiti Blog For Barack Obama

Haitian Americans, there is brand new Haitian American Blog for Barack Obama, Visit Go there to... more »

New Barikad Crew 2009 Video

BC Just released a new video for 2009 watch it here and post your comments more »

Haitian Voodoo Priest Against Aid To Haiti

Haitian Voodoo supreme chief Max Beauvoir says Haitians cannot live comfortably among heavily armed U.N. troops and... more »

A Third Haiti school collapse In Lalue

There has been a third school collapse in Haiti. this time it is the Ecole Nationale Darius Denis at Ruelle Jeremie in... more »

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