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US Hospital Ship USS Kearsarge Is In Haiti

The United States Southern Command, SOUTHCOM, diverted the USS Kearsarge from its current position off the coast of... more »

Preval Says Haiti Needs a Flood of Helicopters

Haitian President Rene Preval said in an interview with The Miami Herald that Haiti need a flood of helicopters... more »

Hurricane Ike Delivered a Knockout Blow to Haiti

Last week, according to Time Magazine, Hurricane Ike delivered the knockout blow to Haiti. Hurricane Ike swallowed the... more »

Crisis In Haiti

There is a big crisis in Haiti right now, it is possibly the worse crisis in Haiti since it's independence. Senator... more »

Haiti Black People No Oil No Help

The United States and George Bush has pledge one billion dollars to help Georgia after an assault by the Russians... more »

Haitian Relief Task Force Sending Aid To Haiti

Help is coming from the Haitian-American Community in a Huge C-5 US Military Aircraft. This help is coming from an... more »

Gonaives Haiti More Than 100000 People Left

More than 10,000 people have left Gonaives on foot, swimming and wading through floodwaters and heading for the next... more »

Hospital In Les Cayes Haiti Flooded

Floodwaters swamped a hospital in the Les Cayes area, forcing nurses to move patients to higher floors. At least 5,000... more »

Press Release: UN Mission Assists Haitians

UN Mission Assists Haitians Wednesday, 3 September 2008, 3:08 pm Press Release: United Nations UN Mission Assists... more »

It's Raining In Port-Au-Prince Again

The rain just start to fall again in Port au Prince Haiti at 2PM haiti time on Wednesday September 3rd. The Haitian... more »

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