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Tiburon Haiti Anba Dlo

we receive news that Haitian town of Tiburon is under water. we are not sure if it is under water like Gonaives haiti... more »

Gonaives Haiti Flooded No Vehicles can cross

Latest new Gonaives is fully flodded, no cars fan make it to Gonaives, only any support coming to Gonaives must come... more »

Gonaives Flood: Woman on rooftop gives interview

A woman on a roof top in Gonaives just gave an interview on the radio, Radio Maximum. a presumed Frena Florvilus... more »

Gonaives Haiti Innondation moun sou Do Kay

Avenue antrebou, gonaives, gen moun sou tet kay ki ap mande sekou. se denye nouvel ke yon dam gonaives bay nay radio... more »

Cotes De Fer Haiti affected by Storm Hanna

Corail, near Carefour Georges, 2 people dead. There is no transportation. this is what Depute Cadet of Cote de fer... more »

Innondation Gonaives Haiti Under Water

One radio station in port au price just spoke to a reporter on location in Gonaives Haiti. The reporter says that the... more »

Gonaives Haiti Is Under Water Again?

There is rummor that the city of Gonaives Haiti is under water again. This is not in the news yet but it seems to be... more »

Tropical Storm Hanna Will Not Hit Haiti

Hurricans Gustav had just left Haiti bound for Jamaica and there is talk about a new tropical storm called "HANNA"... more »

Hurricane Gustav Kills 5 People in Haiti

AFP Reports: At least five people died and seven were injured in southeast Haiti as roofs flew off houses and... more »

Tropical Storm Gustav Still Raining In Haiti

Hours before Hurricane Gustav hit Haiti Tuesday morning it started raining. It is still raining today, tuesday at... more »

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