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Marigot Haiti is Flooded

Senateur Joseph Lambert of Jacmel reports that the Haitian city of Marigot is flooded and most of the areas of Sud-Est... more »

Both Haiti Prime Ministers Escape Death

Both Haitian Prime Ministers, Michelle Pierre Louis and Jacques-Edouard Alexis, escape death on their way back from... more »

Fonds Verrette Haiti Flooded

The city of Fonds Verrette Haiti is flooded again. there is water everywhere. This is according to news reports in Haiti more »

Ministere a la Condition Feminine Roof Blew Off

In Port Au Prince Haiti, The roof blew off the building where the Ministere a la Condition Feminine et aux Droits des... more »

Word of Tropical Storm Kyle Hitting Haiti In Days

There is word of another tropical storm, Tropical storm Kyle hitting Haiti this weekend again. According a news report... more »

St Michel De L'Atalaye Haiti - Flooded

One Haitian citizen reports to Haitian Radio Caraibes that the Haitian city of St Michel De L'Atalaye is flooded If... more »

Storm Hanna In Haiti Ike Josephine is Coming

As Tropical Hanna hits Haiti there is new of two more tropical storms on the way: Ike and Josephine are coming All... more »

Port Au Prince Haiti Wind Chaos Today

It is very windy in Port Au Prince Haiti today. In the past two hour there has been lots of trees down in port au... more »

Gonaives Haiti Flooded Many Dead

Tropical storm Hanna kills 10 in Haiti Gonaives residents reached by telephone said floodwaters had reached the... more »

Hanna Hits La Gonave Haiti Wind and Rain

Lots of rain in the island of La Gonave Haiti, lots of wind, wind is blowing off roof tops in La Gonave Haiti. So far... more »

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