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Haiti's Secretary of State Refuse Radio Interview

The Secretary of State of Haiti Refused to speak to Radio Caraibes this morning in regarding to the aftermath of... more »

MINUSTAH Has Finally Entered Gonaives Haiti

United Nations Stabilization Mission in Haiti - MINUSTAH - has Finally Entered the City of Gonaives Haiti to begin... more »

Taiwan Will Give 100000 Dollars to Help Haiti

The Government of Taiwan will give $100,000 to help Haiti in this time of crisis. This is the latest report from... more »

Reunion Haiti Palais National Today

There is a meeting today at Haiti's Palais National (the Haitian White House) with members of the new government to... more »

Areas of Pignon Haiti is Under Water

Pignon Haiti is flooded based on a report from Maude Dumarsais. Further info required. if you are from the area of... more »

St Michel De Latalaye Haiti is Flooded

St Michel De Latalaye Mayor Lisette Casimir report that it is still raining, many houses are destroyed. At least two... more »

Hotel Maguana in Hinche Haiti Under Water

Hotel Maguana in Hinche Haiti is flodded and under water according to the latest report coming from Hinche Haiti. more »

Hennery Haiti Flooded Hennery Bridge Collapse

The mayor of Hennery Haiti reports to Radio Ginen that the city of Hennery is flooded. The bridge of Hennery... more »

La Chapelle Haiti Flooded

The Haitian city of La Chapelle is flooded. This is a report from the manyor of St Michel De latalaye. if you have... more »

Rene Preval Ask Officials to Regain Their Posts

Haiti President Rene Preval ask all Haitian elected officials to regain their posts. "The country is in a state of... more »

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